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Colour Doppler Ultrasound Test

Colour Doppler is a type of ultrasound-based imaging technique used to visually observe blood flow through major arteries, blood vessels, and veins in the body and find any clots or blockages. In addition to this, for pregnant women, it is used to observe fetal heart and evaluate any birth deficiencies for the unborn baby. It uses high-frequency sound waves to generate the images.

Colour Doppler Imaging Ultrasound – What Should You Expect

It is a procedure usually performed in a clinic that’s easy on your body and helps to deliver fast results without any side effects.

  • A special gel is applied to the portion of the body that is to be examined.
  • A hand-held device is moved over that portion of the body to get required images.
  • The entire procedure lasts for around thirty minutes to an hour.
  • It is beneficial to wear loose-fitting clothes for the test. You may also be asked to wear a paper gown.
  • Although you do not need to take any special precautions before the test, it is best to talk to a qualified doctor about any specific medications that you might be taking.

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