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Sonography Centre

Also known as an ultrasound, it is a kind of non-invasive imaging procedure that uses high-frequency waves to produce images of the internal organs. These images can provide valuable information about the tissues and organs such as the heart and abdomen to diagnose and treat a variety of diseases and conditions. Although most of these examinations involve placing the ultrasound equipment outside the body, a few may require using a device inside the body as well.

Sonography Procedure – What Should You Expect

Although most of the sonography tests require no preparation, for some, you may be asked to drink large quantities of liquids (water), and for the others, you could be asked not to eat or drink anything for few hours before the examination.

  • During the sonography or ultrasound test, you’ll be asked to lie on an examination table.
  • Then, a water-based gel, which is quite easy to remove, is applied to the portion of the body required to be examined.
  • A trained sonographer will use hand-held equipment against the area and move it as necessary to capture images of the tissues and organs.
  • Sometimes a special device with a probe is inserted into a natural opening in the body to capture the required images, which is a painless procedure, although you may experience mild discomfort.

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