CT Scan Centre in Ahmedabad – Reasons Your Doctor will Insist You for a CT Scan

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CT Scan Centre in Ahmedabad – Reasons Your Doctor will Insist You for a CT Scan

CT Scan Centre in Ahmedabad
  • by Dr. Uday J Thakkar
  • In CT Scan

Living in a mega city like Ahmedabad has got its own benefits and disadvantages. You need to fight with the environmental pollution, soaring temperatures and adulteration every day. Adding to this, the city offers best lifestyle to its residents with world-class infrastructure and residential amenities. Most of the amdavadis today live a sedentary luxury-oriented lifestyle and while they are definitely “foodies” they are also prone to the improper eating habits. As a result, more and more cases of heart and brain strokes, internal organ injuries, bone defects, cancer and tumors have come up in Ahmedabad city in the recent times. Hence, you might have definitely noticed the long queues and waiting at a hospital, CT scan centre or a diagnostic centre in Ahmedabad.

Why does Your Doctor Insist You To Have Tests?

Doctors often insist you to get done the tests like blood and urine tests, MRIs, X-rays, CT scan or CAT scan etc. This is because by only having a look at you or with physical check up, doctors cannot confirm the reason behind your illness. The tests and deep body analysis reports can give your doctor a better look at what’s behind the symptoms of your illness or disease.

What actually is CT Scan?

While there number of diagnostic imaging tests insisted by doctors to look inside affected area of patient’s body, the most effective of all is the CT scan. CT scan or the computed tomography scan as compared to traditional X-ray tests can provide much detailed images of inside of the patient’s body. Here the patient is laid straight on a stretcher bed and sent into a dome or tunnel shaped machine. In the machine, an arc sends x-ray beams through the patient’s body and are collected from another side of the arc and then the strength between the beams is compared to get detailed image of internal parts of patient’s body.

What can be the reasons your doctor insists you for a CT scan?

Most of us who had visited centre for CT scan in Ahmedabad at some point of time on doctor’s advice, would have definitely asked a question in mind, “Do I really need a CT scan?”. This is because we are unaware of the reasons. Let us now explore a few common reasons for why doctors insist patients to have a computed tomography scan done.

1. CT scan is an alternative for MRI in many cases where patient might be suffering from an injury or have a medical device implanted in body. It can resist him/her to lay down straight and still without movement for longer time. Hence, CT scans are insisted as these are less sensitive to movements than MRIs.

2. For vascular problems, where blood vessels need to be examined for blockage or for examining small bone components, spinal region and areas that are not visible with X-rays need CAT scans.

3. For cancer patients, CT scans are insisted in order to find out whether it is spreading and how much. Moreover, doctors performing things like biopsies or surgeries insist these scans in order to confirm the presence, size and location of tumors in patient body.

4. In cases like brain injury, skeletal disorders, injury involving soft tissue damage, emergency situations dealing with internal bleeding or injuries require CT scans to be performed on the earliest.

Hence, similarly there can be many reasons for why you need a CT scan. This time when you are visiting a CT scan centre in Ahmedabad, make sure you discuss all the things with your doctor to get all your doubts cleared prior the visit, because it’s always better to be well-informed rather than having half knowledge.

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