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MRI Price In Bopal, Ahmedabad

MRI Price In Bopal, Ahmedabad

What is MRI?

MRI is an abbreviation used for Magnetic resonance imaging, which is a diagnostic service provided by the best of the hospitals. The test utilizes strong magnet and radio waves to develop a detailed and visually advanced image of the internal body organs and tissues. MRI is used to diagnose a number of medical conditions including cancer, heart, and vascular diseases, joint and musculoskeletal disorders, stroke, etc. It is a noninvasive diagnostic test which allows the doctor to view the organs in precise slices, one layer after another. It is one of the most detailed methods to explore all plains and angles with superior tissue image of any internal organ. By far, it is the most advanced imaging method for internal scans.

How to prepare yourself for the MRI test?

At Imaging World, we are an MRI scan centre that pay great importance to your convenience and offer you all types of assistance in your diagnostic tests. MRI is a magnetic and radio wave involving test and hence you must prepare for it a little. Here is what you should do:

  • Remove all metallic accessories
  • Notify the technologist about any prosthetic joint, IUD, Pacemaker, metal plates, screw, shunts, tattoos and more.
  • Also, inform the technologist if you are pregnant or claustrophobic.

Is an MRI exam painful?

No full body MRI scan is a painless diagnostic test. In case you are a claustrophobic, you might feel a little nervous and scared. Also, the machine makes high volume sounds which may affect your peace of mind. There will be a slight warmth in the area that is being examined but it is very much normal. When you are administered an injection for the test, you may feel a cooling enation on the site and a slight pain associated with the injection, like any other.

We keep the MRI scan cost affordable to meet your financial requirements.

MRI Scan Price Start from : 3600 ₹ onwards after 20% discount on Prior Appointment (Discount code : "PRIOR20")

Imaging World Diagnostic centre is a rapidly growing organization based in Bopal, Ahmedabad- Gujarat, with the aim of providing accurate imaging services such as MRI Scan, CT scan, Sonography, Digital X-ray, and 2D Echo that are perfectly suitable for a wide array of applications Contact us today to learn more about our services. ”