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Digital X-Ray: Why is it Performed?

  • by Dr. Uday J Thakkar
  • In Digital X-Ray

Diagnostic centres use many scans and tests to study the internal organs, tissues, and bones in our body to detect any anomalies and ensure a person is not suffering from any medical conditions. Digital X-ray is a popular test used by doctors these days. Read on to learn more about digital X-rays and procedures.

What is Digital Radiography?

Digital radiography is a type of x-ray scan that is slightly different from the traditional procedure. It allows the doctors to enhance the images and digitally transfer them whenever required. It uses a digital image capture device that helps to preview scans.

Why is Digital X-Ray Performed?

You may need to have an x-ray done in the following instances:


Breast tumours

Bone cancer

Blocked blood vessels

Tooth deca

Digestive problems


Enlarged heart

Conditions concerning the lungs

Digital X-ray helps the doctors in the following situations:

Monitor the progress of a disease that was diagnosed earlier such as arthritis and osteoporosis and observe any significant changes

Examine an area in case you experience any discomfort or pain

Check to know if a specific prescribed treatment is working well

Preparing for Digital X-Ray Scan

Digital X-rays are standard procedures recommended by doctors in many cases. Although the test itself does not you to prepare much, a radiologist will assist you throughout the examination. You may have to change into a hospital gown and remove any jewellery. Also, you need to let them know if you have any metal implants in your body to help create clear images.

In some instances, you may have to intake a contrast dye before the test to improve the quality of images. The dye usually contains barium or iodine compounds. It will be given in one of the following ways:

Directly injected into the body

Swallow in the liquid form

Given to you like an enema

In addition to this, if you have to get an X-ray for the images of your gastrointestinal tract, you will be asked to fast before the test. You need to avoid consuming anything for a few hours before the scan.

How is a Digital X-Ray Performed?

An X-ray technologist, also known as a radiologist, performs the test. Depending on the area that the doctor wants to examine, they will position you properly for the scan. They may ask you to sit, lie down, or stand accordingly and remain still to take the required images. It may take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour to get the desired results.

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