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What is the MRI Scan – Importance, Procedure & Cost?

What is the MRI Scan – Importance, Procedure & Cost?
  • by Dr. Uday J Thakkar
  • In MRI Scan

Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI scan is used to get detailed images of the internal organs and tissues in the body. It is typically done at an MRI scan centre in a long cylindrical tube-like structure. The scanner uses radio waves to produce the required images.

The Procedure of the MRI Scan

Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a common technique used by doctors in medical procedures. It is non-invasive and painless. To get an MRI done, you do not need much preparation. All you need to do is arrive at the MRI scan centre at the time of your appointment, remove any metal jewellery you may be wearing, and change into a hospital gown.

If you have any fear or anxiousness about being in an enclosed space, you should tell your doctor beforehand so they can provide you with the necessary medication. Sometimes, they may also recommend you to get an injection of intravenous liquid to help enhance the visibility of any specific tissues.

A radiologist, or the doctor specializing in medical images, will be present to guide you throughout the procedure. They will also answer any questions you may have about getting the scan done.

A technician will help you lie down flat and straight onto the scanner table. They may also give you earplugs to help block out the noises of the equipment. They will make sure you are comfortable before beginning the MRI process.

Importance of an MRI Scan

People often have questions such as what can MRI scans detect and why would a doctor order an MRI. As a leading centre for MRI scans in Ahmedabad, we are here to explain the importance of the procedure.

Since an MRI scan helps the doctors get an insight into the functioning of the internal organs, bones, muscles, and tissues, they may recommend you to get a scan done if you have been in an accident recently, leading to bone injury or muscular problems.

For instance, an MRI scan of the brain helps to detect any tumours or anomaly in the brain, so the doctors can diagnose the condition and suggest suitable measures accordingly.

How Much Does an MRI Cost in India?

The total cost of an MRI scan is usually between the ranges of Rs. 1500 to Rs.25000. It depends on the following aspects:

The body part being examined
The part of the city where the test will be done
The number of technicians required to perform the procedure
The equipment needed to develop and process the images

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