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Everything to Know About Sonography as a Diagnostic Procedure

  • by Dr. Uday J Thakkar
  • In Sonography

Diagnostic centres use a variety of medical procedures to study and examine the internal organs, bones, tissues, and muscles. They use the results to ensure a person is not suffering from any health issues or to identify the medical conditions they may have. One such popular test is sonography. Read on to learn everything there is to know about sonography procedure.

What is Sonography or Ultrasound?

Doctors use ultrasound or sonography in men, women, and children to observe the internal organs in the body and determine whether they are functioning well. To put it clearly, it is utilized to monitor various health conditions. Sonography is one of the most commonly used forms of diagnostic imaging available. It can help provide the required view of the following:

01. Blood vessels

02. Brain, typically in infants

03. Spleen

04. Bladder

05. Kidneys

06. Eyes

07. Pancreas

08. Ovaries

09. Liver

10. Uterus

11. Testicles

Why Do You Need Sonography?

Although ultrasound is typically associated with pregnancy to offer the first view of an unborn child, the test has several other uses as well. Your doctor may recommend a sonography test if you have swelling, pain, or other symptoms that need them to have a view of your organs. It can help detect the following:

Heart diseases

Breast abnormalities

Anomalies in testicles or prostate glands


Congenital hip dislocation

Bleeding in the skull

Preparing for a Sonography Test or Ultrasound Scan

Depending on the area of examination, you will have to prepare for the test, keeping in mind the following:

You may have to fast for 8-12 hours before the test, especially if you need a scan of your abdomen region.

In addition to fasting, you may also have to consume fat-free meal the evening before your test for an examination of the pancreas, liver, gallbladder, or spleen.

The doctor may also ask you to hold your bladder full for certain ultrasound scans.

How is a Sonography Performed in Diagnostic Centres?

Before the test, you will have to wear a hospital gown. A sonographer or an ultrasound technician will ask you to lie down on a table and help you with the test. They will apply a lubricating jelly on the area of examination to avoid friction when they rub the transducer.

The transducer transmits high-frequency sound waves through your body that echo as they hit an organ or a bone. The echoes get reflected back into a computer to form a picture. Doctors then interpret these pictures to provide desired results.

You can clean the gel off your skin after the procedure. Depending on the area being monitored by the doctor, the test usually lasts for around 30 minutes. You can go about your daily activities soon after the procedure.

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