Everything You Should Know About CT Scan

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Everything You Should Know About CT Scan

Everything You Should Know About CT Scan
  • by Dr. Uday J Thakkar
  • In CT Scan

Most people are afraid and anxious when it comes to getting a CT scan procedure done. This is because they are not aware of what to expect and how to prepare for it. To help you reduce the stress and anxiety, the specialists from our diagnostic imaging centre have put together this medical guide including all the essential aspects of the procedure.

What is Computed Tomography?

A computed tomography, commonly known as CAT or CT scan, allows doctors to observe and examine the bones, organs, tissues, and blood vessels inside your body. It uses X-rays and a computer to create pictures and shows more details than a normal X-ray. It can be used to visualize the following:

01. Chest

02. Head

03. Knee

04. Abdomen

05. Spine

06. Heart

07. Shoulders

How is a CT Scan Done?

When you visit a CT scan centre, you will be asked not to drink or eat anything before the procedure. You will have to remove any metal objects such as jewellery that you may be wearing, and put on a hospital gown.

A radiologist will perform the test, during which you will have to lie down on a table inside tunnel-like and doughnut-shaped equipment known as the CT machine. The table will gradually move through the scanner, and you may hear a buzzing noise. You will have to lie very still during the entire time because even the slightest of movements can blur the image.

The time for a test usually depends on what body part is being scanned and may take a few minutes to a half-hour.

When Do Doctors Perform a CAT Scan?

Doctors may ask you to get the test done for any one or more of the following reasons:

01. To check for any internal bleeding and injuries.

02. To locate a blood clot, tumour, muscle disorder, or infection.

03. To help guide radiation therapy, surgeries, and procedures such as biopsies.

04. To determine how effective a treatment is and whether it has the desired results.

05. To help study improvements and changes in case of conditions such as cancer, live masses, heart disease, and more.

06. To detect bone and joint problems such as complex bone fractures and tumours.

What Do the Results of a CT Scan Indicate?

CT scan results are considered normal if the radiologist doesn’t find any blood clots, tumours, fractures, or other abnormalities in the images. If any anomaly is detected, you may need to have more tests done according to your doctor’s advise.

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